Saying Cheese - Mean Holland, Saying Mills - Mean Holland ...

Near Amsterdam in a little village Zaanse Schans there is an ethnographic museum where we can know more about traditional Dutch symbols: mills, cheese and klomps that we have already written about. In a good weather it's especially pleasant to walk here.  

On the territory of the museum there are some active mills, each having its own purpose.

Besides here are little houses with theme museums inside.
Let's enter the house devoted to production of Dutch cheese:

Production of various sorts is presented here.

Here you may taste and buy about 20 sorts of cheese.

Nearby in the field there is an active mill for water transfer to canals.

On the other side of the canal is an ordinary Dutch village.

The purpose of this mill is production of lime paint.
Here it is drying in the hangar.

And this is a sawmill.

Keep your head and hands away.

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