Hens' Destiny In Iraq

It's the post of hens' truth, tough hens' truth. And for the truth we go to the hens' market of Iraq.
The "goods" are brought on special hens' vans and discharged on the ground. In order birds don't escape they are put in such cages.

If only they could fly...

They look like some inactive species, some of them just wait for death even not being in cages.

A buyer chooses a hen he likes and it's immediately cooked.

First of all a head is cut off.

Then the killed hen is put in a special metal cone to let blood trickle down.

Then the trunk is brought to the far corner of the market where a "plucker" works. For 10% of the hen's cost he scalds it and removes feathers. The buyer with a blue plastic bag remained satisfied.

Rather tough? Yes! But meat is always fresh and good. Mutton is sold in the similar way, but it's already another story.
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