On a Visit to Dresden

Today we'll go to the Saxon capital - Dresden.  Which sights are worth visiting here?

First we go to Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady, and get up the observation area to view the city from 70m height. As you may know the historical centre of the city was rubbed out after the allies bombing. The Germans are still restoring it. 

It is clearly seen from above that all constructions are new.

The pipe was painted green not to spoil the city appearance.

But they say that what really spoils the look of the city is the construction of a transport bridge over the Elbe. As a result the city and the valley of the Elbe were excluded from the UNESCO list.

Frauenkirche was fully restored only in 2005.


"Procession of Princes" - the famous panel 102 m long.

Cycle race in the city.

A wonder bus. It belongs to some museum.

A cool dairy shop

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