Best Views of London: the Monument

London is full of beautiful views. Today we are going to get up the so-called Monument - a huge Dorian column 61,5 m high that is almost lost among the skyscrapers of the City.
The Monument was built in the XVII century in the honor of the Great Fire of 1666 that left homeless more than 70 thousand people.

The Monument height is 61,5 m, it symbolizes the distance to the hotbed of fire - the bakery of Thomas Farriner in Pudding Lane street.

On its top is a golden urn with fire flames. Lower is an observation area that was enclosed by a wire netting in the middle of the XIX century to prevent suicides from here.

More than 300 stairs go up.

The net prevents from good photo shoots.

Though Photoshop makes wonders...

The highest skyscraper-to-be.

An interesting building - Strata with built-in wind generators.

Canary Wharf business district, it's seen almost from everywhere.
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