Not the Liner But the Whole City!

Luxury of a cruise liner on the ferry leaves a strong impression that you may get in Stockholm. Restaurants, conference-halls, stores, kid's clubs, SPA, disco-clubs, the internet and even ... a little prison - everything necessary to make your trip unforgettable.

The captain of the vessel, as well as all other main staff, has to know 5 languages: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and English.

Try to find a steering wheel on the photo. It's even not a trackball in the center but that tiny joystick made by Rolls Royce. Automated control is used for 90% of the working time. It lets the vessel to moor with accuracy of 5 cm.  

The vessel, having 6 meters of the body underwater and 45 meters over it can be sunk, of course. At a list of 55 degrees it will capsize. The minimal list on Baltic Queen was 10 degrees at 12 meters' waves. And the strongest storm ever recorded in the Baltic Sea - 14 meters.

No need in paper maps, in fact. Emaps are used. These ones are simply for entourage. 

That very prison, the passenger, however, must be very very aggressive to get there. The records from 200 cameras on the vessel are kept for 60 days.

A special palm to greet other ships.

A little phrasebook in the restaurant - the whole story of love.

The chef shows the device that transports a hundred of plates with food at once.

Food for the crew is made separately by special chefs. This is a dining room of the captain.

Lounge for officers

40 000 h.p.

Do you see what's in the center? Ordinary cassette radio!

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