Hong Kong's Disneyland, Part 2

The territory of Hong Kong's Disneyland is devided into four parts: Main Street, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland. The previous post was mostly about Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. This one will be devoted to Adventureland and Main Street in the evening.

The workers of Adventureland in their standard uniform.

The ride which is called Jungle River Cruise is located near the entrance and offers its visitors to sail down the river, swarming with plastic crocodiles, hippopotamuses and rubber mechanical elephants.

These ones are in a static position.

And this one splashes water with its trunk and swims past the visitors.

Chinese children squeal with delight when they see a rising of the water elephant's back.

During the whole "journey" the Chinese guide chats and gestures a lot. Children listen to him very attentively and laugh heavily at his jokes.

Besides joking, the guide has a tendency to scream periodically frightening even those who don't know Chinese.

After the "fire, water and plastic elephants" the boat docks to the starting place and then is loaded with other little thrill fans.

Another ride is called Liki Tikis. It's located very close to Jungle River Cruise.

A large tree is right in the middle of the river is too a ride. Boats go in a circle, skirting various obstacles such as already familiar to us plastic elephants and crocodiles.

Tarzan's house is on the tree. It can be reached only by such a boat.

Actually there two of them (boats). While the first one departs FROM the tree, the second departs FOR it. Some kind of conveyor.

A ladder leads to Tarzan's hospitable house.

There is a book in each corridor. The book is opened at the right page describing the life of Tarzan.

A beautiful view from the top of Tarzan's tree...

sadly moving its plastic leaves.

Mother gorilla and infant Tarzan watch the movie about their own life.

Plastic Jane writes memoirs.

Some eccentric guy.

And lots of different stuff which is very interesting to examine. If you remember how detailed the cartoon is, it will be twice as interesting for you. A great opportunity to feel like in the cartoon.

"The Lion King" Festival is a well-staged theatrical performance based on the famous cartoon.

When it gets dark, the main street of the park becomes illuminated by street lamps and light in the windows.

Some kind of Christmas picture if not that green tree near the entrance decorated with Chinese red postcards. 

But actually the atmosphere is very similar as the pictures were taken a few days before Chinese New Year.

This bakery makes awesome pastry.

Animation Academy. A small collection of sketches of different Disney cartoons.

This is how cartoons would look if they were painted by Malevich.

Every several minutes this thing starts moving.

The disk on which the figures are installed starts rotating at great speed. It gets darker in the room. The light above the figures starts blinking... An absolute feeling that the personages became alive and began dancing.  

The collection of sketches.

The sketches of the cartoon "Cars".

Tarzan's evolution on paper and the little Mermaid in the right lower corner.

The avenue from the fountain to the Subway station is not crowded. And it's not because of that everybody left the park. On the contrary, it's because of that everybody is still there.

The Subway station "Disneyland Resort".

Mickey Mouse waves his invariable white glove from an old picture in a car.
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