Hospitable Air Service In Nepal

  Pokhara Airport provides the most sincere atmosphere formed by mechanical scales, paper boarding cards and tiny passenger planes flying over the Himalayas.

Local police must be officially sponsored by Coca Cola.

Weather information.

In view of sadly lacking of modern technology, web site and digital display the mechanical weighing devices are rather popular here.

Even in case of arrival 1.5 hours before the flight there won't be any notice of registration as the time written in the ticket appears to be rather conditional. According to the airport employers, the registration will start as soon as the plane arrives. Nobody is aware of the exact time of the bright event. Happy people are never in a hurry.

Dornier Do 228 is one of 270 small passenger planes produced by the German company Dornier GmbH for local airlines in the period from 1981 to 1998.

The wreckage of one of them was found on a hillside in eastern Nepal's Himalayan foothills on August 24, 2010.

View of Pokhara.The roofs are just pressed against the walls of the houses with stones and other heavy objects.

The Himalayas on the Horizon.

The plane is flying slowly and the distance of 200 km is covered during 45 minutes.

The hospitable Kathmandu.

The bus is waiting for the passengers.

The unique baggage trolley.

By the way, bargaining is widely accepted here. Even if the initial price for the flight to Kathmandu amounts to 200 US dollars, don't worry as it can be reduced to 70 USD.
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