Favourite Papuan Dish!

Question: What's the favourite dish of Papuans? Someone would joke or answer something like: a man on a roasting jack or human flesh soup... But it's not so. The most favourite Papuan dish - Papuan pork. Why is this dish interesting? Due to the way it's cooked. The meat is stewed in a pit on stones. Let us see it in details.

Sentani lake, Papua New Guinea

Pigs have been already killed.

The pig is smoked for some time.

Professional is going to show how to cook it.

He cut the carcass

Helped by friends

It's not a weapon in his hands as you may think...

It's a stick helping to fill the pit with hot stones,

They ran to the fire for the stones and back.

It must be noticed that it's not that funny to run to the fire in the hot weather...

But the guys cheered up each other.

When the pit was full it had to be covered with something.

Vegetables are put into the pit

Ingredients: crop, peanuts, batata or taro

Meat follows the vegetabels and the pit is covered with a canvas cloth for some hours. One Papua stays nearby in order the meat is not stolen. However the meat is unflavoured and not everyone would like it. But it's worth trying to know the strange culture better!
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