Have The Americans Ever Landed On The Moon?

Have you ever dreamt of witnessing a space shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida? It is a famous home of the Kennedy Space Center, a complex of space shuttle launch and flight control owned by the US government.

Main entrance to the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral.

Numerous observation areas enable the civilians to enjoy the shuttle launch both from the Cape itself and from the continent, the main area still being located on the Cape and has the well-known watch that counts out time. The bus carries tourists across the closed territory of NASA in Cape Canaveral.

As far as the watch goes, it's not that time is counted backwards. It happens that the watch stops ticking or calls a hold. The hold occurs at a definite launch stage (some days before the launch due to technical moments or several minutes before the launch due to bad weather conditions). Unlike electronic appliances, a man is not able to control a shuttle when 30 seconds till the launch are left. In case if at least one position out of thousands is not accomplished, the launch can be stopped even 1 second before the liftoff. The shuttle at the launching pad. The two round things located on each side of the shuttle store components of rocket-engine propellant mixing of which leads to explosion.

Witnessing a shuttle launch may be not that easy. The launch can be called off because of technical or other problems. In such a case you'll have to stay in your hotel, cancel any other plans and wait for the invitation which can be obtained in any moment. The assembly hall and platform are used to transport the shuttle to the launching pad.

An orbiting engine of the shuttle.

The hall is devoted to Saturn V space launch vehicle rocket and Lunar Program.

The Cape contains a huge concrete landing site for shuttles. Tourists are carried by buses following a specially devised route. The route includes the following sights: assembly hall, observation area, shed holding Saturn V space launch vehicle rocket, and the museum. Launch imitation of Saturn V with the lunar module.

The shuttle landing site is really huge which is a must as the weight and the speed of the shuttle have to be considered. Besides, the concrete is poured using a special technology which extends useful time of the site.

This is the longest and largest rocket ever built by mankind. It was created by Wernher von Braun, the famous rocketeer who worked under the Nazis. In the spring of 1945 von Braun assembled his planning staff and told them it was high time to escape. It happened that in the mountains they were surrendered not by the Soviet Army, but by the Americans. If it was not for the case, the Soviet Union could perform the first moon landing.

A Lunar Module. As soon as the shuttle reaches the orbit of the moon, the lunar module is separated and goes to the moon itself letting astronauts investigate the surface and then takes them back to the shuttle and earth.

One needs 10 dollars to have a lunch here which can include chicken soup, vegetable salad, cheese chips, Chicken Cheesecake and tea.

The backyard contains a VIP-area both for important people or astronauts and their families.

The panel performs counterclockwise reading. It is not allowed to smoke within a radius of 10 meters near the panel.

The platform.

The eagles are hired to get rid of birds before the shuttle launch.

The shuttle is out-of-date.

Inside the shuttle.

Buying souvenirs at the museum and meeting the astronauts.

The garden of rockets inside the museum. By the way, there is an opinion that Americans never landed on the moon and that NASA and others intentionally deceived people into believing that they did land on the moon by manufacturing, destroying and tampering with photos, evidence, rock samples, and telemetry tapes. What do you think?
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