Awesome Ysios Winery

The winery of fantastic architecture called Ysios is included in the constellation of the most attractive objects of the Spanish wine tourism.

The Ysios bodega was created by the most futuristic and surreal architect in the world -  a Spaniard Santiago Calatrava. The winery is located at the foot of Sierra de Cantabria and it seems the background of the mountain range defined the architectual image of the construction.

What is that? Sinusoid, sea mollusk, wine casks mountain, fantastic organ? Invent something yours.

The wavy roof of the building is supported by wooden beams. It looks weird and cool either in the interior or the exterior.

The owners wanted to create something truly unique and unforgettable and the architect managed to do it for all 100%.

Now this sinusoid is an individual symbol of Ysios, it is used in all wine casks, labels, accessories, signs, logos etc. Now this wave cannot be confused with anything else, the architecture and the wine brand are two part of one.

To get to the winery is best of all from Bilbao.

Very compact, literally 10km from each other, here some wineries were built by stars of the world architecture.
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