Atlanta: The World of Coca-Cola

  Who doesn't like Cola-Cola? And the shape of its bottle? The most popular drink in the world was invented in Atlanta in 1886. The headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company and the museum with the same name are located in Atlanta.

A view on the museum from the distance.

The entrance costs 16 dollars.

Signboards from all over the world.

Take a sip of Cola-Cola!

Some historical things.

Different states had their own bottles.

Coca-Cola machines of different countries.

A Japanese machine.

They look like bottles with paint.

Such dispensers were on the spacecrafts Shuttle and Mir .

Various Coca-Cola drinks of countries from all over the world.

A little factory.

In 1985 the company changed the recipe, and a new ad went on TV. All this was made to refresh the brand, in order not to lose a young audience that had been won by Pepsi. It is interesting that people did not accept a new drink and arranged demonstrations demanding to return the old drink. After only 3 months the company decided to return it and give the name Coca-Cola 2 to the new drink. Coca-Cola 2 existed in the American market until 2002.

This is the room where visitors can taste all sorts of Coca-Cola drinks.

A modern touchscreen machine.

The souvenirs store.

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