Yemen: The Way to Manakha Village

Today we will go to Manakha village, the Haraz mountains. Why? For fantastic views of mountanious Yemen.
On the picture: Suburbs of Sana, from here the way starts go higher to the mountains.

Surrounded by the mountains, all in agracultural terraces. It's often rainy here, in the mountains of Yemen, so agriculture is quite developed in the place.

Grazing cattle

Guys from the Yemen army, friendly and curious.

They say here the best khat is sold.

Citizens like to pose and don't hide their curiosity when they see strangers.

There are portraits of political figures hanging on the walls, though in the Western world they are considered to be enemies.

Local kids

Manakha village itself

Beetles love

The woman didn't like to be photographed.

The village in the moutains built on the top, it only has some dozens of houses.

The Haraz landscapes

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