Why to Come to Berlin?

  There are many people who admire Berlin, and many tourists who come here think it would be nice to live here for a while... But why? Let us have a look at some pictures taken in the German capital.

Under the dome of Reichstag

Berlin cake

Bear - the symbol of Berlin


Brandenburg Gate

Cosy restaurant

It's Germany where there are many bears in the streets, not Russia!

The Berlin subway - one of the most complicated in Europe.

It's a bike that can be ridden by 6 men at the same time, the invention of some Greek is very popular in many European capitals.

These guys admitted they earn a couple of hundreds euros a day.

A German girl

The monument in honor of the WWII victims.

Such a neat city!

The famous Berlin wall


The Berlin Zoo is one of the best in the world and it has a bigger variety of animals than any other zoos.

On the roof of Reichstag

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