Silent World of Pietas

Jan Fabre was trying to compete with a famous sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti - "Lamentation over Dead Christ" made when Michelangelo was 24! Can you imagine modern youngsters able and willing to do something like this? The original work of Michelangelo itself (in order you could compare):

Jan Fabre didn't work with marble himself, everything was done under his control.

Carrara marble is beautiful by itself, it even comes to mind: " Too much Fabre won't spoil the porridge"...

Fabre is often criticized for his love of brightness. But this time master worked with pure white marble and confined himself only to golden pedestal.

No Venice without turtles

Cocoons made of scarab shells.

Another pieta of Michelangelo, he made it being old wishing to set it on his own tomb. But he didn't finish it. Finally he broke it but some of his pupils stuck the fragments together again.  

Now this pieta is in the Museum of Florence Cathedral. Look in the face of Nicodemus - it's a self-portrait of Michelangelo. 

Mother whispers something to her son.

Present tomb of Michelangelo. Didn't want the pieta - have a chick...

Bust made by Vasari.
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