Pleasures Of Thailand

Prostitution exists in every country of the world no matter if it is legalized or not. But it has never been so widely spread as in Thailand resort area, Phuket island.

Tourist areas of Thailand are never asleep. They are abundant with dances, music and food of different kinds.

The striking point about Thai pimple-coverer is that 70% of its prostitutes have recently been known as men. And it's not always that easy to recognize between real girls and former guys.

The picture of a night life won't be completed without sellers ready to sell any product at a relatively low price and drivers of open cabs. There are millions of cab drivers. Their number actually exceeds the number of tourists. A journey to such a cab will cost you around 10 dollars.

Seafood is available in large quantities serving as a lure for guests of the country.

Everyone is watched by Buddhist statues.

The women sell small things which are usually not interesting for anyone.

The Thais work day and night entertaining tourists to earn and buy rice, their essential food.

Local people have got used to such a life long time ago.

They are slow in work but rather hardworking.

For some unknown reasons foreigners love buying such shoes.

Motor cycles.

The famous street is called Bungla Rosa and is a center of vicious practices.

There are no females on the picture.

The street illusionist can take any sum of money from you and make it dissapear immediately. Thank you for your attention!

It is found out that any prostitute adores flowers no matter if she was a man some time ago or not. So, the demand on flowers is constantly growing.

Underage girls are in demand that's why every prostitute claims to be 16 years old.

Complete stripping is the most harmless view.

The dog says: I am sick and tired of all this.

The girls usually have nice figures but ugly faces.


only prove the rule.

Some of them look awful

but are still in great demand.

There are no good cigarettes in Thailand as they lack tobacco containing pure garbage.

What a look!

Creative tips.

Some of the girls are not even hiding from the cam.

Could they be a mother and a daughter?

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