Pathé Tuschinski Movie Theatre

«Theater Tuschinski» was built in 1921 by the order of a former tailor from Poland who, for that moment, already was an owner of some movie theatres in Rotterdam. Best masters were working to make the new posh building, it became the most successful brainchild of its owner, Abraham Tuschinski, and one of the Amsterdam symbols of the beginning of the XX century.

After the WWII here performed such celebrities as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland and many other stars of those years. Unfortunately Abraham Tuschinski himself couldn't see those performances - he had died in Auschwitz in 1942.  

In the beginning of this century the movie theatre underwent some reconstructions that gave it back its initial appearance and let provide the theatre with modern equipment. Thus, its 90th anniversary «Theater Tuschinski» met in all splendour! 

Tender light, wooden panels on the walls, paintings, hand-made carpets, original details - all these things create the atmosphere of chik and delight the eye of an art-deco lover.

Today the movie theatre belongs to «Pathé» chain so now these cockerels (the symbol of the film studio) are a part of the interior. 
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