Museum of Tortures In Malta

Mdina - the historic capital of Malta. The city with the population less than 300 citizens. The city with one of the most horrifying and shocking museums of the world - the museum of tortures.
In the dungeons of the museum one may be horrified by reconstructed execution and torture instruments and quite realistic scenes. Only the walls know how many prisoners died here - both tortures and executions were done right in the cells and lasted right up to 1813.

Nothing is missed: all types of tortures of the Roman empire epoch, times of Arab rule and the period of Maltese knights.

Romans preferred crucifixion, Arabs practised putting victims under huge stones. Knights of Saint John kept the pace. Inquisition settled down here since 1561 and according to the order of Great Inquisitor was aimed at suppression of heresy. 

The atmosphere in the museum is corresponding: silence, cold and gloomy auraIn the former cells of torture are racks, tongs for tearing nails out, scavenger's daughter, guillotines, bootikins.  

Beaheaded corpses, hanged, skeletons, dying and suffering from plague, and their executioners standing nearby. 

Watch your step here, you may stumble over a sack with a skeleton inside.
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