Morocco: Rabat and Casablanca

This time we'll travel to the capital of Morocco - Rabat and wonderful Casablanca.


Nice place for fishing

Like a shot from Godzilla

Say goodbye to your camera while shooting these pics!

Old city is walled and its main street is turned to a market.

Embankment is much cleaner than all other districts of the city.

Paraboloid antennas like mushrooms after rain.

Even here people can't imagine their life without space television.

The main place of interest in Casablanca is Mosque of Hassan II. It's one of the biggest in the world. It accomodates 25 000 people + 80 000 may pray on the square in front of the mosque.

It is built over the ocean so one may walk along the seashore and watch little crabs.

The mosque was opened in 1993 and it had been built only for 3 years. 2500 builders and 10 000 illustrators contributed to the work.

Mosque of Hassan II is the highest religious construction in the world. The precise cost of the building is not revealed but experts estimate it to 800 billion dollars and all the money were donated. 

In the basements of the mosque believers may perform ablutions before prayers.

The first floor accomodates 20 000 believers and 5 000 more may stay on the balconies. The floor is heated. Marble for the columns was brought from Italy, 50 tonned glass chandeliers - from Venice.

In good weather the ceiling is slid apart over the stadium for extra light and ventilation.

The mosque has African motifs.

All the doors were brought from Russia, and made of titanium.

There are a lot of doors, they are high and huge, hard to imagine how much they cost!

Central streets of Casablanca

In the local lighthouse

Casablanca from the lighthouse

In most houses of Morocco windows are small. No air conditioners, so small windows don't let much heat in.

Local restaurant with an ocean view.

Casablanca embankment

And the beach of Casablanca

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