The Lovely Swedish Stonehenge

In a tiny village in the south of Sweden, Kaseberga, there is a local "Stonehenge". It is not popular but it's surely worth attention if you go to this part of the country. Wonderfully picturesque stones on green hills won't leave indifferent any romantic souls...

It is located right at the village of Kaseberga on the shore of the Baltic Sea, there is a convenient parking space below, many booklets and other tourist information, the entrance to the territory of the complex is free.
The complex "Ale's Stones" has an oval shape of a ship stretching for 67 m and consists of 59 boulders each up to 1,8 tons. One research claims that these stones are 5500 years old, however other six researches believe they are 1400. The last theory is more probable.
Someone believes that it was a burial place. Accoding to one version this complex was built in honour of a vessel crew who died in the sea. Another theory tells about the seasonal solstice calendar: the sun sets behind the north-west end of the monument in the mid of summer and rises on the opposite end in the mid of winter. 

The stone vessel

Compared to the real Stonehenge of England this one looks very cute and picturesque.

The world for two...
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