The Knowledge Of Distilling

What gift would you like to get on the Valentine's Day? How about testing alcoholic products made by the St. George Spirits company during an excursion around its production unit?

The company is located on Alameda island, California. It is not that easy to find their shed.

The lovely safe box is greeting the visitors. The colors of the walls as well as the pictures seem rather aggressive.

The workshop contains distillatory appliances.

Waiting for the spirit to be condensed during long nights one can enjoy a good movie and try the product. In fact, such a product can keep a good company and make any movie good.

The pan holds the wash i.e. fruits used for fruit vodka fermentation and grains for whiskey.

Distillatory vessel. The pan with the wash is on the left. The wash is heated with gas. Distillation towers are located on the right.

The vessel is used for making absinthe.

After drinking the absinthe the employers are enjoying a shark ride. The shark model was used in movie making and was taken from Hollywood.

Single malt

Whiskey world.

The year 1494 is the first written proof of whiskey production in Scotland.

The reverse part of the distillatory vessels. The modern history of absinthe originates in 2007 when Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade allowed to produce and sell the drink. Only absinthe with 10% of chemical Thujone are subject to sale. Different herbs are used in the process of its production.


Unknown substance


St. George Absinthe Verte, ready-made.

Filling shop. Did you know that good vodka doesn't need any refining? Any doubts can be removed during the testing.

An interesting motto

An emblem which is not less interesting.
The motto and the emblem are there as the production unit is located on the territory of a former naval base NAS Alameda existed in the period from 1937 to 1997.
A testing room is right next to the production unit. Here one can try vodka, whiskey and fruit liqours of local production.

The absinthe is diluted with water.
Enjoy the specific landscape with San Francisco on the horizon.
Those who were especially busy with testing can see strange objects like this.
Don't drink too much, take care of yourselves!
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