Celle - The City of Half Timbered Houses

The official name of this place - Residenzstadt Celle.
It's one of few German cities that survived after the Red Army. During the war only the main line was bombed here.
The old half-timbered center of the city is perfectly preserved and still attracts thousands of tourists.
All half-timbered houses are protected by the state. You may trace how the architecture style was changing sich the 15th to the 17th century. What tendencies were distinctive for various times.
How did they build such a beauty? They built an oak framework of the house, everything else was filled with all possible stuff - from clay to excrement and bricks - depending on the income of citizens.


No need to rush

Patriotic house

Have you seen a more beautiful mailbox?

The mailbox was found near the Bomann Museum that keeps artworks of a famous artist Eberhard Schlotter and numerous collections related to the history of the city.

The smartest of you would say what this monument standing at the tower hall symbolizes.

The old tower hall itself.

Looking from above

Celle was first mentioned in the scripts dated 986 under the name Kellu (city on the river). In the XIth century it had a right to mint its own coins. 

A castle with a moat around where huge crusian carps inhabit .

and lillies

and such terrible monsters

Toothy and inmpudent

They will certainly try to eat you.

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