Carnival In Notting Hill 2011

Carnivals are long awaited here, soon after the fuss of the first, they start preparation for the second. This one went smooth - only 200 people were arrested for some minor violations like smoking hemp. You think it's too much? Just imagine, 1 million (!) people took part in the carnival!. Police was represented by 6500 persons at the carnival itself and 4000 in the city - this is more than at the royal wedding.

As far as the carnival in Notting Hill is fully the merit of immigrants from former
colonies, in the costumes Afro - Caribbean theme prevails.

All colors of the rainbow, who's brighter?

This guy is creative enough to put a model of London on his head with the diameter of about 2 meters. There are London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and even an unfinished skyscraper Shard.

The same guy full face

Police girls


Carnival means much music, various loud music.

Friendly police

Lap dance doesn't embarass the guy.

Barbecues made of 200 l barrels.

Locals earn how they can, in all possible ways.

The more business-like even offer their toilets...

Though someone is not ready to pay for it.

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