Calton Hill Of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is well-known for the annual Edinburgh Festival, a collection of official and independent festivals held annually over about four weeks from early August. The number of visitors attracted to Edinburgh for the Festival is roughly equal to the settled population of the city.

Calton Hill is the most popular observation ground in Edinburgh. It is covered with historic monuments and wonderful buildings just like a cake is with candles. It easy
to climb the hill which offers an opportunity to enjoy the neighborhood. Nelson's Tower look like a spyglass. It is adjacent to the National monument due to which the place is compared with North Athens.
Weather here is rainy and cloudy just like it should be in Scotland.

Memorial to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stuart.
Towers are countless here.

Hillend ski slope.
The Portuguese cannon was captured during the war in Burma in the end of the 19th century. Its cannon ball can hit The Walter Scott monument if fired.

This unusual monument is made of pebbles borrowed both from pavement in Paris and German concentration camp.

The city observatory was built in 1776, its aim was to define exact time following the movement of stars. The building was closed in 2009.

The city is changing in the rays of the sun.

People are hurrying up to enjoy the good weather on Calton Hill.

The museum Our Dynamic Earth can tell you everything about the history and peculiarities of our planet.

Place of Holyrood is an official residence of British kings.

The Princess Street divides Edinburgh into the Old and New city.

The Greyfriars Cemetery is famous with its ghost.

The monument on the right was intended for worshiping the Scottish people died in the Napoleonic wars and was never completed.

The railway and road bridges.

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