Bosnia: A Mix Of Oriental And European Styles

You might not have ever been to Bosnia but you could have seen movies directed by Emir Kusturica who is a Serbian director of a Bosnian origin. His 1998 Yugoslav Romantic comedy film 'Black Cat, White Cat' is considered by many one of the best comedies. He also directed other movies devoted to the Balcan problem as the fate of his Motherland worried him a lot. Let's make a journey into Bosnia, a country that can make you fall in love with it!

Living conditions of the Bosnian people. The apartment blocks look nice and cozy.

The center of Sarajevo can be reached following the long road with tram lines in the middle.
Pictures below show the view of the evening Sarajevo, a beautiful city built in the Oriental style.

It may be not that easy to find a hotel as well as a paid parking lot.

A three star hotel with breakfast, Internet and parking lot can cost you 40 Euro a day.

Today there is a strong connection between Bosnia and Turkey. Turkish Airlines and Air Bosnia make 14 flights a week from Istanbul to Sarajevo and from Sarajevo to Istanbul.

Sarajevo still has much in common with other European cities.

The city has a plenty of orthodox and catholic churches, mosques and synagogues. It seems strange how people belonging to different confessions and living together for ages could start a murderous war at once.

Sarajevo has seen even more global conflicts shared not only by countries of the former Yugoslavia but many other countries as well. On 28 June 1914, Gavrilo Princip participated in the assassination in Sarajevo of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand which led to beginning of World War I. The assassination attempt was made several meters away from the bridge.

The LP guide has a small page devoted to Sarajevo roses. It's true to life as roses here grow everywhere.

The semi-destructed church looked interesting.

Travnik is a beautiful city with a magnificent temple on the top of the mountain.

Cows are feeding on the hills reminding of Switzerland.

An area called Plava Voda is one of the central places in Travnik where restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops are situated.

Donji Vakuf is a small town with a clock-tower and a beautiful mosque.

Jaice is famous with its waterfall and ancient fortress.

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