The Biggest Gay Pride Parade

  One of the best and biggest gay pride parades was held yesterday in Amsterdam. This year almost 500 000 people took part in it. Traditionally Amsterdam parade is a big carnival that covers all the city. Loud music, bright participants, a lot of tourists. For 4 hours more than 80 boats sail along the canals. The first one has memebers of the Netherlands government aboard. And for 500 000 people no policemen at all! No blocks in the streets! The holiday never sees fights, disorders or mad drunks.

Most of the participants are not gays, they are just here to support them and have fun.

The city is overcrowded these days.

Many corporative boats


Youtube boat

The parade has been held in Amsterdam since 1996, this is the 16th one.

Noone is aggressive

A lot of children!

The punishment for gays abuse is more strict this day.

"We Are – Amsterdam Gay Pride" - the slogan of the parade.

Freaks are often met too.

By the way, birth rate in the Netherlands among natives is one of the highest in Europe - 3-4 kids in a family is normal.

In 2001 same-sex marriages were legalized in the country.
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