Up In Smoke Or Global Marijuana March

On the 2nd of March, Toronto holds a big and freaky march - International Marijuana Fest, as well as 263 cities including New York, London and Paris do. The march is often attended by eccentrically dressed crowd, which calls out for the legalization of marijuana, carries different signs, laughs, has fun and is of course a bit "elated"...

The march traditionally begins with the blocking of the central streets.

The "merry" marchers...

After the Freedom March the crowd holds its course to the Queen's Park. In the park there is a specially laid-out tent town with the strange streets...

"Joint" products shops.

Even dogs have a nice time!

The fest seems to be a good acquaintance occasion!

The marchers asked not to photograph hands - to avoid shining their fingerprint patterns...

Musicians rock with slogans like "Love this Shit - Smoke this Shit!"

When size does matter...

A glass-blower making hand pipes on-the-spot.

Drum performance.

Allegedly the fest gathered more than 20000 people.

The monument to King Edward VII.

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