10 Interesting Facts About Europe You Didn’t know

Europe is the hitchhikers delight, the honeymooners fantasy and home to the most beautiful and scenic locations on God’s earth. Many mythologies and cultures have taken place in Europe. We bring you interesting  facts about the country that you see so much in movies, read about in magazines and books and discuss with your friends about going there someday.

1. Castles in Germany
One of the most castle populated countries in the world is Germany. Some of these are hotels but most are occupied by the wealthy.
2. Age of Migrations

There was a time in history known as the migration period when  various tribes flooded Europe.first  came the Gemanic tribes, later on the Slavics . Later on the Muslims, Bulgarians and Vikings followed.
3. The Longest Names
Prepare yourself  for some of the longest names. A village in Wales consist of 58 letters and the longest European one word name ,”Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlllantysiliogogogoch” which means “saint Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool of the church of St.Tysilio of the red cave.
4. Greatest Empires
Many of the greatest empires in the world were based in Europe. The British empire  was at one time the largest in the world. There was a saying that ” the sun never sets” on it  because the sun was always shining in one part of the empire. It  covered a quarter of the surface of the earth. Other notable  empires were the Russian,Spanish,French and Roman.
5. The Meditteranean was once a Desert
In the last 40 years evidence has been found that the Mediteranean sea dried up frequently, this was was  known as the Messinian salinity  crisis. It represents one of the most dramatic changes of  environmental change outside glaciated areas.
6. The Statue of  Liberty was Constructed in France
It was designed by Fredric Bartholdi and was given as a gift of friendship to the USA. Alexander Eiffel the engineer behind Eiffel tower made its steel framework.
7. The Worlds Largest and Smallest Countries are in Europe
The Vatican is the smallest country which is just 0.44 sq km and Russia is the largest which comprises of 17,098,242 sq km.
8. Istanbul the City of Two Continents
Istanbul unites Asia and Europe  through the Bosphorus river. Napoleon once said that if the  earth was a single state Istanbul would be its capital.
9. Most of the Geniuses are European
Many great philosophers such as Plato , Aristotle,Socrates came from  Europe. As well as scientists like Einstein, Galileo and Newton Musicians like Mozart and Beethoven also originated from Europe.
10. The Tallest Ferris Wheel in the World is Located in London
It is known as the London Eye previously known as the Millennium wheel.


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