10 Weird Flags of the World

A country’s flag should be something that explains about the country’s customs, traditions or uniqueness. It is an important factor for the country and it should be taken seriously unlike some of the countries which use their flags as an art experiment
Here we have collected 10 weird flags of the world. They had no time to think of something creative for their poor country flags.
Like seriously? Even I could’ve made Libya’s flag because all I had to do was  go to the paint in windows XP and paint the background green -_- . The flag was used between 1977 – 2011. It has been changed now THANKGOD.

What does a bird has to with a country’s flag. A country’s flag should be inspiring and must be representing the country. Clearly a single bird can’t do that.
I think the creator of the Poland’s flag was too lazy to think of something good so he just picked two of his favorite colors and made it the country’s flag :/
Okay, I mean there should be some proper dimensions and balancing when you make a country’s flag. After looking at the Bermuda flag, I had to say this.
you don’t need any kind of a flag to be reminded where exactly in the world do you live. The urine freezing inside your urethra is enough.
Also known as the laziest flag of the world, clearly it can be seen why. Oh I dropped a drop of blood on a white paper, oh wait, its Japan’s flag.
By seeing Cyprus’s flag, one cannot know anything about the country. It should be more about the country rather than an art experiment.
Antwerp, Belgium
Almost looks like a puzzle game. How a number of colors can represent a country?. What were they even thinking? :O
Lombardy, Italy
The image on the Lombardy’s flag resembles a dog’s footstep, doesn’t it? And yes we do get to know everything about Lombardy after we see the flag right? NO.
Fryslan, Netherlands
Bunch of hearts on the flag? Seriously? Was the creator of the flag trying to explain the fact that “ love is in the air “ ?


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