ITB Berlin Or Round The World In 5 Days

Is it possible to see half a world in a day? To come closer to the most ancient world's civilizations? To visit the Arabian sheikhs? To see the Canaries, Maldives, Madagascar? To feel the atmosphere of Las-Vegas or the spirit of African folks? Yes, one of the world's biggest international tourist expositions ITB Berlin grants such an opportunity! Representatives from 188 countries came to the exhibition on the 9-13 of March, 2011.

This year was held the 45-th exhibition which attracted more than 170 thousand visitors. The majority of them were representatives of different travel and airline companies, hotels - those people who are closely connected with the production of touristic goods and services and are interested in the expansion of their trade connections. All the 26 pavilions of Berlin International Exhibition Complex were completely full.

Germany stationed itself in two pavilions at once.

A giant foosball table at the German Railways' mount.

Not a few gained people's attention by unusual costumes, photosets, beautiful girls.

Kazakhstan's mount.

Uzbekistan gladdened the eye with rousing and emotional folk dances.

Russian mounts.

A pretty smiling girl from Ukraine.

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