The Sacred Hardwar

It is known that Hardwar existed as early as 3500 years B.C. Pilgrims from all over the world came here to bathe in pure and icy waters of the Ganges, and the place remains extremely popular nowadays. People still believe that the water cures, purifies and expiates. The ceremony of honoring the river is held here practically every day and gathers lots of people - from rich Hindus to representatives of the lower castes.

On the way to the river you can meet scurrying Hindus trying to sell you tickets - it's a simple deceit - you don't need a ticket to bathe in the river or just to look at it.

Both men and women are melting in one pot - nobody cares.

Along the parapets there are, for safety reasons, chain enclosures. By the way the water is rather cold to see such inspired and happy faces trying to take a dive - it must be their faith that makes them so brave and enthusiastic!

Here you can meet plenty of weird personages!

One never can tell whether it's a simple haircut or a special spiritual ceremony.

Women are selling rose-leaves to fill the bowls which are later floated along the river.

What a pose! Cripple or yogi?
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