Japanese Hit: Instant Noodles

Japanese wheat noodles called "Ramen" is a very important dish for Japanese people. "Instant Ramen" created by Ando Momofuku became product number 1 in Japan, cause famous delicious Ramen is also very affordable. So, what is "Instant Ramen"? Let's get acquainted with this asked-for Japanese product in the museum of its creation.
Everything started in the room on the picture above, which Ando Momofuku made his laboratory.

Inventor at work.

Big vat with oil became the main part for the instant noodles creation.

Product history information stand.

Technological novelties were used during the product creation. TV ad of "Instant Ramen" became first grocery advertisement on Japanese television.

This mechanism increased working efficiency.

Momofuku started to put the pack on the product instead of putting the product into the pack. Frail product didn't crumble this way.

American peanut oil pack noticed in a plane gave the idea to pack the noodles the same way.

One could buy "Instant Ramen" from such machines.

It then appeared in the astronauts' diet menu.

"Instant Ramen" timeline. 1958 was the birth year of the Japanese product number one.

In 1971 the first cups of noodles appeared.

There is also a small exposition dedicated to the person of Ando Momofuku.

He died in 2007 at the age of 96 years. He liked golf, calligraphy, listening to music in his iPod and was a very active man.

There are also various interactive brainteasers for kids.

One can make one's own taste and pack design of personalized noodles cup. First you take a cup.

Then you go to a special room where you create a personal design for it.

This museum is a popular place for school tours.

With the help of this machine you pack the noodles into your personalized cup.

You may choose between various tastes.

And colorful toppings.

You may choose anything you like.

And seal up the cup by preassing a button.

And then put into a special packet with air for better hermeticity.

You can even take noodles preparation lessons.

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