Underground Mushroom Plantation In France

Farm 1
Do you know how champignons, oyster mushrooms or Shiitake mushrooms for Japanese restaurants are grown? It turns out that they are grown in former troglodyte caves. Let's take a tour to a French underground restaurant, get acquainted with mushroom growing techniques and Anjou local cuisine.

Farm 4
St. Louis castle.

Farm 7
The restaurant is situated 100 meters underground. Troglodytes used to hide from barbarians here since 270 A.D.

Going deep underground.

Farm 12
Climate is very important for the mushrooms. The constant temperature of +12 is kept. Let's start our tour with Japanese Shiitake mushrooms.

Farm 13
In Japan they grow on the trees and here - on special little poles.

Farm 14
Such poles are made of pressed sawdust. One weighs about 8 kilos and after several generation of Shiitake - 500 grams less, which are taken by mushrooms.

Farm 15

On this display one may see how champignons used to be grown long ago.

Farm 18

Paris champignons.

Farm 20

It is very damp in the basement and frogs are used to fight gnats. They leap right under your feet.

Farm 22
Oyster mushrooms are grown on special bases wrapped with polyethylene which has special cuts.

Farm 25
The most valuable mushrooms - wood blewits.

Farm 29
These snails are soon going to be cooked in the stove for supper.

Farm 33
Champignon caps baked with pork.
Farm 34

Lettuce, oyster mushrooms and bun with bacon.

Farm 35
The buns are also baked here.

Farm 36

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