Red Factory Where Both Adults And Kids Work Hard

Goa is not only the world famous resort, but also a place where people from poor Indian states arrive for earnings. One family working on the Bricks Factory should make 1200 bricks per day, and their boss will give them 200 rupies (about 4$ \day). But still.. they are very positive, maybe even happy, they look in the future with hope, find a place for love in their hearts.

Living in huts made of defective bricks and polyethylene they still find reasons for a smile.

All you need is love.

Children are playing nearby...

Kids of the factory.

Dried bricks are put into pyramids for next glazing.

This pyramid is ready for fire!

Help the lady, gentleman!

All they need - clay, a picker, hands and legs..

Mixing sawdust with cla.

Want to know how to get such heaps of bricks?

All starts with a prayer...

You can't make bricks without water.

Children work hard too.

And they have to work hard with your legs..

Until you get this...

Are you afraid of dirt?

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