Choosing A Cricket For Fights

Cricket 1
Pet market in Shanghai amazes with its range of animals: you may find ducklings, mice, turtles, fish, frogs and even cocroaches for fights.
WARNING: You'd better not read this while eating.

Cricket 2
The market is not big - narrow passages, peculiar smell and cricket warble.

Cricket 3
People buy songbirds for music in the house.
Cricket 6
Talking parrot. At the moment it speaks only Chinese, though.

Cricket 7
Future Peking Roast Ducks.

Cricket 11
Fish section.

Cricket 14
Food for birds. It's alive and is moving quickly.

Cricket 16
Silkworms. They are said to be very delicious.

Cricket 17
Singing insects.

Cricket 18
There are holes in the pots so that the singing can be heard.

Cricket 19
These are the whole choirs.

Cricket 20

Cricket 21
Insects are kept in special boxes with a hole through which they are put inside.

Cricket 22
They are fed with cabbage through that hole.
Cricket 23
Every fourth table abounds with "fighters".

Cricket 24
Buyers first examine aspirants through the glass.

Cricket 27
Then future champions are taken from the box and put into a round jar.

Cricket 28
Insects get poked with a straw to see their reaction.
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