German Castles In Snow Dresses

The majority of German castles are private possessions. So tourists can not easily visit them when they want. The owner himself fixes time and a day of possible visits.

The castle Landeck is hidden in the haze.

The nearest village turned to be very nice.

The main street of Klingenm├╝nster that is a German municipality.

The road to Landeck.

The approximate date of the castle construction is the 2nd part of the XIIth century.

The road to another castle in Meyenburg.

The castle preserved very badly.


A view from above.

The Trifels castle seems more serious and modern than two previous ones.

The stronghold is located on a stone rock.

This castle has a great history : in fact it was the capital of the Roman Empire.

Every year about one hundred thousand people visit the Trifels castle.

A view from the observation deck.

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