Crazy Gay Parade In Amsterdam

The Amsterdam gay parade is one of the most massive, colorful and funny shows of Europe. Its participants, all in extravagant clothes, on beautifully decorated boats, fill narrow canals of Amsterdam and, being accompanied by loud dance music, surprise, amuse and entertain numerous tourists. This is an amazing event after which one will never be surprised with anything.

The gay pride takes place in August and lasts about a week. Unfortunately, this time it often rained there and the temperature was no more than +22 C.

The heron enjoying the weather.

Sometimes the rain stopped and the sun started shining but even in such wonderful weather some retirees rode their bycicles in coats.

Look at the motto of one of the coffee shops where, besides coffee, one can buy some marijuana as well.

A very comfortable to use fast-food machine.

Some curious suits in the window.

XXX - the flag of Amsterdam.

A master carrying the food.

An antique store.

The city prepares for the gay pride which implies the whole set of actions - parties, meetings, walkings, exhibitions, staged shows and, certainly, its main part - the gay parade on boats along the Amsterdam narrow canals.

Meanwhile people started occupying cabins as it became extremely hot on the dance floor and in the bar. Most started taking off the clothes. 6 more hours of cruise were waiting for them... But let's leave the ship and see what happened in the very city those days.

The organizer and the press went to the docks to see how well the boats were decorated. Meanwhile he told about upcoming parties.

As it is one of the greatest gay parades in the world, about 80 boats take part in it. This is the African boat being decorated.

A special separate programme was prepared for African gays this time.

Frank van Dalen, now the former head of the Pro Gay group, told how much the African gays are oppressed in their country. One shouldn't close his eyes to it.

To make some conclusion, it's worth saying that no matter what's your attitude towards homosexuality, gays always existed and will always exist and you probably also have some gay friends maybe even without being aware of it.

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