Amsterdam: The City Of Bicycles

Amsterdam can be considered as the European capital of bicycles. It seems that here are more bicycles than in China. Everything is well arranged for bicyclists: special roads, traffic lights and parking places. Bicycle bells are heard everywhere in Amsterdam. About 400.000 people get on their cycles each day. But all this is not so simple, because if you are not experienced enough it wouldn't be a safe ride. Especially tourists have various unpleasant accidents.

Bicycles are the most popular transport in Amsterdam. About 40 % of locals have and regularly use them.

Many streets in the center are given up to bicyclists.

Speed lovers ride on such race cars.

Children can be put in a box.

And when they grow up they can ride themselves on such funny little bicycles.

The rain can not stop true bicyclists.

Especially if they have raincoats or umbrellas.

All bicycles are rather simple so they don't tempt thieves.

The rent of a bicycle costs about 5-10 euro.

People repair their cycles in the streets.

Fietsflat is the biggest bicycles parking in Europe.

It is not easy to find a vacant place.

Bicycles in Amsterdam are even more numerous than cars.

Scooters and bikes look so lonely.

Special lights for bicyclists.

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