10 Largest Religious Gatherings of the World

When it comes to religion, people from different religions attend their religious festivals and gatherings with zeal and zest. On their festival dates, they gather to attend the festival with their families, pray for themselves and earn blessings of their believed GOD.
Below is the list of 10 largest religious gatherings of the world. The estimated number of attendees are really surprising!

Pilgrimage to Sabarimala Temple, India
On top of the list is the pilgrimage to Sabarimala Hindu temple in India. It is the largest religious gathering recorded till now. An estimated of 40 – 50 million people visit the temple every year.
Godavari Pushkaram, India

For godavari pushkaram in india, an estimated of 34 million people gathered over 11 days in rajahmundri between 31 July and 10 August 2003.
Karbala, Iraq
The shires visit Karbala on every 10th of the muharram in Islamic calender. An estimated of 14 million people gathered last recorded in 2010.
Annual Feast of Black Nazarene, Philippines
The annual feast in Manila Philippines is conducted every year. This January 2011, approximately 7 million people attended this annual feast.
Anniversary of El Shaddai Manila, Philippines
annual- anniversary-El-shaddai
The anniversary of El shaddai is attended by people of Philippines every year. An estimated of 7 million people attended it last recorded.
Hajj to Mecca,Saudi Arabia
Muslims from all over the world make the annual hajj in Mecca Saudi Arabia every year. Last recorded, an estimated of 2.8 million people made the annual hajj.
 World Youth Day in Rome, Italy
World Youth Day is conducted every year in different parts of the world and it is also stated as one of the biggest gatherings. Highest number of people recorded in 2000 were 2.7 million.
 Attukal Temple, India
An estimated of 2 million women of India gathered at the Attukal Temple making it the largest gathering of women in the world on 4th march, 2007.
Earth day, New York City
Countries from different sides of the globe celebrate Earth day. On 22 april 1990, an estimated of 1.5 miilion people gathered to celebrate Earth day in new york.
World Youth Day, Madrid
An estimated of 1.4 million people gathered in Madrid, Spain to celebrate World Youth Day which is conducted every year in different parts of the world.


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