Dizzy Heights of Nepal

If you ever have a chance to visit Nepal, never miss it! This is an amazing country with breathtakingly beautiful mountainous landscapes. So let's walk around some of the most picturesque Nepalese places and admire the nature.

The roads leading to the mountains are very narrow thus drivers have great difficulties in passing each other on them. Here and there you can see buses slipped down in a ditch or even precipice at the side of a road.

The landscapes are just wonderful. It's summer in Nepal. The temperature is +25 and the mountains seem to be sunny and fresh.

Sometimes traffic jams appear on the roads for short periods of time. 

A rather fanciful landscape.

The road is hard and long but at the same time very picturesque.

In summer the Nepalese celebrate their own local New Year and decorate not only themselves but also their cars.

The height is about 2000 m. To walk is very difficult but to breathe is still quite easy - yet there is enough oxygen.

Some beautifully blossoming trees.

And this is one of the well-to-do Sherpas (an ethnic group from the most mountainous region of Nepal). Why is he well-to-do? Look at his shoes - these are sneakers. Besides, he often smokes and refuses to be photographed.

The road is covered with shining stones. It's quartz which is easily crumbled and divided into layers.

The higher you climb the more magic and shaggy the forest becomes. All the trees are covered with fern here and look quite unusual.

At an altitude of 3000 m there is the tea-house of a very hospitable Sherpa. In fact, there lives the whole family. This is father.

Mother, a needlewoman.

Their little bit gloomy son.

And their goat with clever eyes.

This is dawn in the mountains at about 6 a.m.

Trees add some charm to this picture, aren't they?

Here the beautiful Fangorn forest comes to an end and the stony Mordor begins...

A couple of wonderful horses.

If you squint you can see a very nice bird in the middle of the picture.

Only one word comes to mind when looking at these pictures - beautiful.

But what can impress you even greater is the view of a praying man in the distance. 

Nobody's around... Only fog, silence and the praying man.

It turned out to be a very nice girl from Switzerland admiring the beauty of the landscape as all the common tourists but there was still some mystery in her eyes...

This is Mount Gosaikunda in the morning. An altitude is more than 3000 m. To walk and to breathe are unbelievably difficult here! It takes much effort to get over another hundred of meters. Amazing views are the only consolation for the tourists.

Not far from this place is a pass.

This is the man living in a tent on the bank of a river. His look is quite threatening. Do you know, by the way, why the Nepalese don't cut their hair? Because they believe there is some magic in it and if they cut them, it will disappear. They also smoke their Nepalese buns and try to see God while doing it. 

On your way uphill you can see some wonderful spots with Nepalese traditional colorful rags.

And this kind of pyramids. The local believe that if you build such a pyramid in the mountains, you will get a house in the paradise.

There are many beautiful waterfalls there as well. When passing by them all the clothes become wet at once. But the Nepalese sun makes wonders. It takes about 40 minutes to make them absolutely dry.

And this is a funny dog showing the tricks of Cirque Du Soleil in its own Nepalese way.

A wonderful starry night.

And this is the daughter of the owner of one of the Nepalese hotels. She was very polite and intelligent and even agreed to be photographed.

The dawn...

And a wonderful sunny morning after it.

It's time to start the descend.

It turns out to be much easier and landscapes become more lively and colorful. Plenty of oxygen makes you happy again.

The road leads through the Fangorn forest again.

The lens became misted but it didn't spoil the picture. On the contrary, made it more mysterious.

Another interesting and vivid Nepalese girl.

The weather changes. It becomes foggy and cloudy.

Here you can see a beautiful temple on the glade.

Goodbye, mysterious forest.

Amazing clouds above the mountains.

The height is still quite dizzy.

Spiders are united and made a huge web between the two trees.

One more Nepalese girl who attracts tourists' attention at once. Unlike other Nepalese children she doesn't ask them for sweets and money and is very glad to pose for a photograph.

And this is her brother.

That was the beautiful country of Nepal and its wonderful Himalayas.

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