Taroudant: Feel the Moroccan Way of Life

Taroudant is a small city in the south of Morocco. It is often compared with Marrakesh as they both are ancient and have the same red houses on the streets. But frankly speaking, except for these two facts, there is nothing similar between them.
Unfortunately, the earthquake of 1960 happened in the neighboring city sightly damaged Taroudant as well, having destroyed almost all the remnants of the ancient times.

Its ramshackle walls and gates are now actively restored.

Walls almost entirely surround the city. It's possible to leave and enter it only in several places...

Like this one.

Do you think it's just a hole?

No, it's too the way out.

And this is the street running along the walls.

One of the alleys.

Some street pictures.

Many women of Taroudant wear traditional cloaks of the blue color. In the background of the yellow-pink walls it looks quite cute.

Some men wear cloaks as well.

Among local craftsmen jewellers are the most popular - they make wonderful silver items.

Shoes at the local market.

And this is a mixture which the locals keep at their homes to keep off evil spirits.


Local music shop.

In some places one can see such posters appealing to the people to take care of their district and not to throw about the garbage. And they are indeed very clean.

In each district of Morocco taxis are different in colors. Here they are olive green.

A local cemetery.

The center of Taroudant is two neighboring squares around which numerous cafes and hotels are located. This is the view from the roof of one of its hotels.

Some wandering musicians play traditional Moroccan instruments and sing folk songs right on the streets.  

And these are evening meetings on the other square.

Taroudant is a rather quiet and sleeping city. But when its residents know about a forthcoming visit of the king, they start fussing and preparing for such an important event. The streets are cleaned and decorated with flags.

One of the kinds of entertainment is football. Adults watch, youngsters play.

Two most favorite football clubs of all Moroccans are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Around Taroudant there are many farm fields. Though the nature here is not very remarkable some places look really nice.

The main river of Taroudant is now shallow. But the locals say there had been much water in it just a week before the picture was taken.

A neighboring village.

A shepherd and its herd coming back home.

There is no alcohol in the city but several kilometers far from it, in the bushes, one can buy a local bathtub gin. It is made of dates and tastes like the mixture of rum and acetone. A plastic bottle (0.33 liters) costs 4.5 euros.

Every provincial center of Morocco organizes huge markets once or twice a week. People all over neighborhood come there to buy or sell something. In Taroudant such a market is held in the country. It begins in the early morning and ends in the afternoon. This is the road from the city to the market (in the picture).

Market parking lot.

The goods of three types are sold here. The first is clothes and various everyday objects.

The second type is fruit and vegetables which are usually piled right on the ground.

And the last type is animals (obviously, the most interesting part for tourists).

Local mutton costs about 2 euros per kilo and camel meat - 6 euros. Nanny goats are kept in such folds probably because of their excessive energy.

While sheep stand freely on the ground.

Sometimes they are fastened in this way.

Cows stay separately.

Adult cows have special labels on their ears.

And this is Moroccan traditional means of transport.
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