Scary Czech Ossuary

This ossuary seems to be one of the most ambiguous sightseeings of the Czech Republic. Many tourists rush out of it crying "It's a hellish place!" in a minute after they came in. But it's not only an ossuary there but also a Catholic cathedral. 

Its history began in the 13th century when the Czech king sent one of the monks to Palestine. On the way home he took a bag with holy sand with himself and brought it to his country. Then he strewed the cemetery near Kutna Hora with it and very soon it became one of the most popular cemeteries in Europe as everybody wanted to be buried there.

Some time later it became clear there was no empty place anymore and monks started getting old bones from the ground and storing them in a chapel. 

Everything changed when the lands were passed to the new landowner who was clever enough to hire a professional designer to turn the chapel into the beautiful place as it's now.

In the 16th century the monks found a treasure in one of the bone pyramids. Since that moment tourists have been throwing the coins to the sanctuary as they believe it will help them to find the treasure as well.
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