Jersey Battle of Flowers

The first Jersey Battle of Flowers devoted to Edward VII’s coronation, was held in 1902. Huge vehicles decorated with flowers drove through the city, people on the vehicles were throwing flowers in the crowd and the crowd was throwing them back. The first celebration had an unexpected success and the island authorities decided to make the parade annual. Of course, from year to year the carnival becomes more and more grandiose and freakish.

All parades traditionally begin with the commander’s greeting. Parade-carnival of 2010 wasn't an exception: the main official of the island with his spouse are in the vehicle.

An accidental sapper following the column.

A traditional Dutch flower platform decorated with Jersey asters. The figured flower image in the center symbolizes the Delftware. The Dutch mill in the background symbolizes the Dutch mill.

Military orchestras – the local and a British one - are an integral part of Jersey Battle of Flowers. Jersey has a bright military past: England and France had pretended to it for a long time and during the World War II it was occupied by German armies.

By tradition, flower platforms are created by the local church people.

A mermaid and other marine products!
There are often many platforms at the fest, and so there is a good dozen of nominations. There is of course the Grand Prix for the best flower platform.

This platform is the winner in two nominations at once.

A platform made by St Lorens parish.

A platform made in Spanish style. Behind the platform there are, inevitably, flamenco dancers.

Fishing was formerly one of the main sources of income for the island. However, even today there are lots of Jersey people, for which fishing is not only a fashionable hobby.

The main competitor of the Shen Lung Dragon - the Mad Ship.
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