Creepy But Tasty Thai Food

Have you been in Thailand? If you have you've probably had a chance to eat creepy and not that creepy Thai food.

The food sold right in the streets is not bad at all, but comfort of restaurants is always better.

Various delicious staff swimming...

Creeepy lobster!

They will cook that one you pick.

Different soups. If you don't ask a waiter to add less spices hardly you will be able to eat it. Approximate price - 3,5 - 7 dollars.

Unfortunately most of these herbs are not edible...

Salads - 3,5 - 7 dollars.

Fresh juice - 3,5 dollars.

One of the most expensive dishes - lobster in cheese sauce - about 40 dollars.

Mussels with garlic croutons. Very tasty. About 7 dollars.

Various seafood in garlic sauce - very delicious, about 10 dollars.

Choice of food is always great.

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