The Hellish Side Of China (part3)

Everyone knows that China produces all sorts of different goods. But not many know "the other side" of cheap production. The following series of pictures by the Chinese photographer Lu Guang shows one of the most acute problems in China - water pollution.

Waste waters which are dumped from a jeans dying factory.

One of the factory workers.

Brand new jeans look more attractive.

Two boys near an extremely polluted pond.

"We can't open the windows of our houses" says the woman standing by the river Xiao Xi where many textile factories dump their wastes.

Textile shops are, of course, clean and colorful.

Villagers often see the water painted into red.

Fisherwoman Wang Jinlan. Several years ago doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer. Her husband has got cancer of esophagus and he cannot work anymore. Wang Jinlan died in April 2010.

You may guess what waters this fish comes from.

Fishermen have to clear the net every time because of extreme water pollution.

These oranges are not edible. Actually all the fruits and vegetables are the same as the factory near Shuangqiao village has polluted the territory about 1,2 kilometers away.

Lead and zinc factories pollute rice fields with their wastes that get into irrigation waters. The result is that lead concentration in the blood of local people exceeds normal several times. In 2009 the local authorities closed the factory.

This three-year-old boy was born near the very factory, he suffers from constant fever and stomach pains. In April 2009 doctors established that lead concentration in the boy's blood estremely exceeds normal.

Fisherman Xu Changlian. He's got cancer as well as his wife Wang Jinnan. Her state has worsened lately, she can't even talk. She rejected the treatment, now only her husband takes care of her.

People don't drink the river water anymore.

Four-years-old boy came to his mother's grave with his father. The woman lived near the very polluted river Hong and died of stomach cancer in the age of 22.

This man shows his tumor. He died some months after this picture had been taken.

This is the man from the previous picture. He died shortly before his child was born.

Pulp and paper industry is one of the main sources of water pollution in China. Apart from the very Chinese wastes the rivers suffer from the discharge from the USA, Japan, Europe etc. It is a lot cheaper to send, for example, waste electronics to less developed states and not care about it anymore. As well as how many people will suffer from it.

A woman is washing her clothes in a polluted river.

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