Submarine Museum In Cherbourg

Do you want to get inside the biggest atomic submarine a mere mortal can get into? Then welcome to La Cité de la Mer ("The City of Sea") museum in Cherbourg, France. Cherbourg is situated on the shore of La Manche in the northern part of Cotentin Peninsula.

The museum consists of 2 big buildings and one important exhibit outdoors.

Here is the first hall - here you can find a bathyscaphe, a book store, a gift shop and booking office windows.

In the inner court is another bathyscaphe...

... and the submarine itself. Its name is Redoutable, which means "The Thundering". It was built in 1967, and enlisted in the French navy in December, 1970.

Near the entrance you are a given a special player, which is a usual thing for many European museums. You need just to enter the number of the hall and digital guide will tell you everything about it.

Here is, for example, reactor turbines control room.

This desk indicates different information about the temperature in the contour of the reactor.

A reducing gear - a device which lowers the pressure.

The main control room of the submarine. By the way, all the equipment is preserved as it used to be while the tin fish was on-stream. The only difference is that the atomic reactor cell was fully dismantled.

That's the equipment for water softening - due to it the submarine dives and breaks surface.

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