Enjoying Life In Istanbul

Warm wind of Istanbul evening carrying the smell of fishmarket will grab some scent of grilled chestnuts, mix it all with aroma of hookah and deliver all this right to your nose. And then you'll feel Istanbul.

Admiring breathtaking view of a Turkish pier.

Wherever you go, you'll always see mosque domes and minaret spires. They will be noticed from everywhere and present in every shot. The man on the picture above leisurely watches seagulls. Don't be amazed - local people can do it for hours.

And this one takes sun bath leaning his head against an empty plastic bottle.

Cafes along the shore gladdens the visitors with fresh sea breeze.

Flowers blossom and fountains make splashes.

This man sitting by the sea looks lika a retired pirate.

Beautiful fountains near Blue mosque.

Red spots over the mosque are actually seagulls in the light of projectors.

Tourists take a stroll along the park by the Topkapi Palace and feed homeless cats which Istanbul can boast of in abundance.

You may tell that it is Sunday judging by the hordes of people on the streets.

Bridge is occupied by the army of fishermen.

People sell salted fish right from the boats.

This mass of people is served by quick waiters.

People are having rest after dinner.

There are so many fishermen that it seems all the sturgeon is soon going to be caught and there will be nothing to salt.

But usually the catch is not rich - for a cat's dinner.

In spite of crowds one can find some privacy.

This is famous dried and salted fish with lemons, verdure and tomatoes.

Very rare picture - man fishing alone.

Skyscrapers look very unusual here.

Local seagulls don't need to catch fish anymore as they feed themselves well at the market.

One can always buy fresh fish in this market.

Vendors sprinkle it with water from time to time.

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