Cambodian Bamboo Train

Let's have a ride on a funny bamboo train over Cambodian villages.

The French built a railroad here in the previous century. It used to carry trains before. Nowadays, the very rails remain but no locomotive can go along them because of their poor condition. Cambodians, however, invented a simple platform called "Bamboo train" which is easily used as a simple transport.

It is also popular among tourists. Pay $20 and you may rush in a wooden construction through Cambodian forests. On the picture above you may see a station.


The railroad goes through the jungle, one can see minacious tangle through the fog.

This stick in the hands of the platform driver is a belt drive stretcher and at the same time a weapon against tropical snakes and other unpleasant surprises.

The driver suddenly stops the platform and drives a green snake away.

There is only one railroad so drivers always encounter problems how to pass one another. The problem gets solved quickly - one platform gets dismantled and then put together behind the obstruction. This operation is done several times during one journey.

Have a look at a traditional brick manufacture.

It is a family business. Kids work as loaders.

Village street.

Beautiful Cambodian girl and a kid

This platform is a local Bamboo freight train that carries drilling equipment.

Back to the station.

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