The Museum Of ... Pears

In Japanese prefecture Totori there is a museum devoted to the 20th Century Pear sort.

This sort of pears is a pride of Totori prefecture, and looking at this building, one won't even think that it's a pear museum.

The exposition of pears from all over the world.

There are no apples in the museum - all the fruits are pears!

The 20th Century Pears were cultivated in Tottori prefecture about 100 years ago and grow only on its territory.

The central exhibit of the museum is of course the pear tree itself. Here you can see its root system.

There are also lots computers, terminals and information centers which also contain different information about pears.

This museum is a perfect place for kids entertainment. They never want to leave...

Every day the museum holds degustations.

The 20th Century Pears can be bought by every volunteer. One pear costs about $4-6.

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