Amman - The White City

Amman – the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, established in 1946.
It is the biggest city in the country. In ancient times it was called Rabbat-Ammon , in Hellenistic-Roman period – Philadelphia. Population – 2,5 million people.

Amman is frequently called “The White City” due to its snow whiteness – the result of using limestone in the building. An interesting fact is that it’s difficult to find 2 identical buildings in the city.

The capital of Jordan in not a very green town, but in the suburbs, in the villa district, everybody tries to palisade his house with trees. The air hear is very clean, it’s quiet and unmanned.

In the end of the 19th century the city was ruined by several earthquakes and natural disasters.

Jordan is not a poor country – the average salary is $500. Maybe that’s why the birthrate is here rather low by the oriental standards. Nonetheless every family considers bearing a son its duty.

A cinema that shows old porn films in the Turkish language.

You can buy fresh reed juice in the streets… But it’s a rare gunk!

The golden quarter in the centre is a popular place.

An outdoor cinema.
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