Beauty And Horrors Of India

India is a wonderful and unique country. It fascinates you with its beauty and horrifies with some other things you will learn about in this post.
12 hours bus trip from Amritsar Railway Station to Haridwar jumping up to the upper luggage shelf every time the bus drives on the hillocks. 1 more hour trip from there, with some Gipsy children on the lap and popping into the windows monkeys and here you are... in Rishikesh.

One can barely describe that cosiness of the nature of this city located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The magic sound of Om does flow from under every stone here, and the whole Indian year's supply of peas may be fed to local monkeys.

After several submersions into the Ganges river, all that troubled you flow down the stream towards the Bay of Bengal. All your worries and disappointments.

One shouldn't forget to throw a coin into the water to come back to such a wonderful place.

Inspite of everything, this country simply charms you and fills with its special spirit.

Sometimes you even want to put your hand into one of their white beards and take out some presents, sweets and toys - everything that is supposed to be kept there.

But don't even try to know the secret of their Sikh hats touching their content with your hands. There must leave some mystery.

Do your hair in the morning and the whole city is yours. Everybody will drop their work for a while to be photographed with you. And after that they will give you a visiting card so that you could e-mail them the pictures, but the only thing written on it will be their name and profession.

A crowd of people dives into the water reservoir near the Golden Temple. Some come up with a magic jug, some - without a turban.

The drumbeat and songs sound on the streets, and people dance to Panjabi MC.

But those who want to reach the very bottom of India should visit its slums on the shore of the Bay of Bengal which can be easily called Shitland.

It is really horrible here. The piles of garbage almost reach the water. Dead dogs, faeces, remains of fish and other litter leave no empty place on the shore.

Women throw the buckets with garbage right into the water. The problem isn't in the culture of the Indians as many may think. They just don't have the sewage system in their straw huts, and garbage is collected during the years. They can do nothing but to throw it into the sea that accepts everything.

The woman dries fish near the garbage dump.

A short trip by train and you are in Puri. The residents of this city are true aesthetes - they do their "business" right on the beach, in daylight, looking at the sea horizon. So we recommend you not to walk barefoot on the shore in the evening - the chances to step in "something" are high.

Here you can watch the contest between the residents of Myanmar and India in tug-of-war across the Bay of Bengal. 

Everyday life in Puri.

Drinking Masala chai (literally "spiced tea").

If India still seems you a happy and colorful country then you should spend a night at Gaya Railway Station. Nobody is in a vertical position here and a cow pastures on a platform.

From there you can get to Calcutta.

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